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Marine Ply , A highly durable and waterproof plywood, its endurance makes it ideal for kitchens

Moisture-resistant high density fibreboard exhibits the same properties as plywood at a substantially lower cost



For understated elegance, available in both solid colors and variegated wood patterns

World-class membrane foils allow for a seamless finish and edges exactly matching the front

A premium high-gloss option with a flawless finish and scratch-resistant properties

A premium high-gloss option with a flawless finish and scratch-resistant properties



I cook basic meals, and store only a minimum of ingredients and utensils in my kitchen.

I love trying new recipes and bring in new ingredients and wares every now and then.

I should’ve been a professional chef, I have exotic ingredients and apparatus right in my kitchen.



Modular Kitchens!

They are the new trend in the market! Modular kitchen has replaced the traditional kitchen, because it is easier to work in the modular space, than the traditional one. We Homline are known as the leading provider of Best Modular Kitchen In Kolkata to all the individuals who want to renovate their kitchen and make it beautiful as well as functional. With us, you can choose the layout, fabricated material and the finishing material, which means everything which we’ll do, is as per your demand.

We have a renowned name in the market place for rendering the Modular Kitchen In Kolkata at a price that would be under the budget of the customer. The dedicated staff that is associated with us never compromise with the quality of the service. Our primary goal is to offer satisfactory services to the clients, which have made us one of the top choices of the people whenever they want to install the modular kitchen.

We promise that after the installation your kitchen, it will look fashionable, and is easy to maintain. All the prefabricated modular cabinets give a lot of storage space. We also provide the facility of customized cabinets. You can match the color and design with the rest of the interiors. So, if you are looking for the trusted modular kitchen providers in the city, then you don’t have to look any further, as we are the one-stop destination for you. Contact us today because here you can get the best deals for your houses and restaurants.

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